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The group of women I took my very first 101 photography class online with are amazing and I have been incredibly blessed to have them there for love and support all along this journey in photography. We still talk all the time and I consider them some of my closest friends. A few of us were feeling stagnant and unmotivated in our work and one suggested we start a monthly blog circle, with changing themes throughout the year. This will be our first circle and I am so thrilled to be doing this with them.

Our theme this month was scenes from above. My life is mostly at home. I’m with my kids, in the house and don’t get out much, so my images will likely be of my family. My two youngest are the best of friends 90% of the time and I adore their relationship. I grew up with four brothers. I longed for a sister, and still do; my step-sister lived in another state and I saw her only a handful of times a year and unfortunately, we aren’t close. Being able to capture some of the times my girls are together, enjoying something I didn’t have makes my heart so happy. I try to capture that as often as I can and I loved how they pulled out all these Legos and toys and were happily playing together two days in a row. I love their little imaginations and their sweet little faces. Here are a few of my scene from above.

To follow along the circle, check out Junneen’s version of this theme. Her work is always gorgeous.

IMG_1472_Web IMG_1478_Web IMG_1480_Web


There is no bigger compliment than having clients come back for a photo session. I took C’s Kauai family photos two years ago and she contacted me when they came this summer to do another session. There’s nothing that I love more than seeing families again. I just really grow to love the people I work with and it’s an honor to capture their family memories, plus it’s easier in many ways because we already know each other and it’s so easy to work together. I love this family and can’t wait to see them again next time they’re here on Kauai. Aren’t these girls absolutely beautiful?

family with three daughters wearing purple and pink having fun Kauai beach Black and white photo collage of family of five having fun Kauai beach black and white collage three sisters Kauai photos of family of five in pink and purple tones having fun on Kauai beachCall me today to set up your Kauai family photos! 808.652.0943


So many of my clients come to Kauai to celebrate their parents’ anniversary. It’s such a fun celebration and is amazing to see the children and grandchildren gathered around. I love it. My grandmother died two weeks before her and my Grandpa’s 50th anniversary several years ago, but I can only imagine the joy we would have had, all gathered around them to celebrate their huge milestone. I love being able to capture those joyful moments for my clients and love giving them such beautiful images to cherish forever and the M family were amazing to work with. They were fun, relaxed, happy, and their love for each other was obvious. I loved being able to celebrate with them as a Kauai anniversary photographer.

Kauai Anniversary family photos Anniversary family photos on Kauai family photos Kauai anniversary Family photos celebrating anniversary Kauai photos of pretty girl and brother and sister hugging Kauai beach photo session couple, and child portraits on Kauai beach man in blue short and shorts, and tattooed woman in white sleeveless dress gazing at each other ion beautiful beach Kauai black and white and color images of beautiful couple in front of ocean KauaiI’d love to talk to you about what we can do for your family photos.

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Because you’re here, I know that you love photography, and that you’re into real moments and you can’t really handle figuring out what to do with your family photos. Me too.

Why do I call this post who we are? Because I think if you love and value photography, you’re not just looking for someone based on price. You’re looking for a photographer whose work speaks to you and if my work speaks to you, I think we must be really similar. I feel the same way about finding a photographer whose work moves me and I am happy to save money so that I can hire them. In fact, our next family photo session is going to be in Utah in June. Why? Because I absolutely adore Summer Murdock’s work and I contacted her a year in advance of a vacation we’re taking there next summer. I’ve wondered why I feel so bonded to my clients and after working through a challenge given by a mentor, this must be the reason. I’m not here to just shoot some pics and pass them to you on a dvd. I want to get to know you and your family. I want to create images of your family that you treasure as art; images we make together to create moments of joy, forever captured for you to cherish and look back on. I want to help you choose the best images for that perfect spot in your home and have it sent to you so all you need to do is hang it on the wall. No stress required. You must want that too.

I’ve always loved to go to other people’s homes and look through their photo albums. It’s such a fun thing to see what moments they’ve captured, the things that were important to them, the places and people they love. My husband has only a handful of photos of his childhood and it breaks my heart a little. I wish I could see more of him at all different ages. I wish I could see if our children look like him as a child. I wish he had more of his special moments captured. It makes me want to document our children’s lives even more. I want them to see and feel how cherished they are. I want them to be able to look back on special and important moments in their lives and know it was important to me too. I’m sure you’re the same way.

Why am I even talking about this and not just posting a client session? Because I think you need to know me a little better. Not just the me that posts sweet comments about clients I love. If you’re here, you really are here because you’re drawn to my work and if you’re drawn to my work, you should know more about me and who I am. I’m going to be working on sharing more of me here. Not everyone will like it, or like me. I know that. I’m smart, but ditzy. I’m introverted but love to talk a lot to people when I’m ready. I struggle with depression and anxiety, but it’s helped me to grow and become a better, hopefully more empathic person. It makes me cherish the good moments more and for that I am grateful. Hopefully you’ll be okay with knowing me a little better. This is pretty scary to me to put this out there, but I am trying to live a more vulnerable life. I highly recommend Brene Brown’s books and TED talk.

Here are some photos of my family by Courtney Keim; the people who make me who I am and give me a purpose in life. I hope to be able to meet your family too. IMG_3705-9_WEB

IMG_3688-7_WEB IMG_3711-10_WEB IMG_3816-15_WEB IMG_3885-17_WEB

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I had the privilege of doing the lovely M’s senior photos Kauai session. I’ve studied and worked all year to improve my posing to help bring out the very best of the girls that I work with. The Luxe in Las Vegas conference was one of my favorite things I’ve done to improve. I love helping them to feel confident and beautiful and I watched M just blossom before my eyes. She was a natural and so easy to work with. I love that she was up for an adventure and we went all over the grounds at the Lihue Marriott and down to Kalapaki Beach.

I love it when my girls get their hair and makeup done before hand. It helps to bring out their features so they show up beautifully in their images and makes them feel pampered and special. All of that creates a perfect setting and feeling for taking the very best photos. I’d love to talk to you more about planning your senior girl photo session and am always looking for new girls to be part of my EGP senior team. We do occasional shoots in groups and they’re just so fun. I have a session from my last EGP senior team that I will be sharing very soon. I can’t wait to blog them.

Photos from girl senior girl