I’m Erin and I photograph super rad families and playful weddings on Kauai for people who cherish real life, (including fights, saying sorry, getting dirty), who find moments of connection meaningful and precious, who are touchy-feely, and who can laugh at the craziness that comes from being part of a family who deeply love one another.

I’m not into posed, forced moments, or controlling every hair into place but if you’re all about letting go, being real, and loving on your family with big hugs and togetherness, then I’m your girl.

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Shooting families and weddings is a deeply personal thing for me. I connect with the love and joy, but also the anguish and sorrow that comes from being a part of a family. We love each other deeply and we hurt each other deeply. Sticking with it, forgiving, saying sorry, taking time to stop and notice the small, beautiful details that make up the monotony of our daily lives is what photography is about for me.  In the daily grind of life we often miss these things, but through these photos I want to show you the nuanced beauty there.

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Project 10 | March 2017

I’d had these images ready to go on the 3rd. I’d uploaded them here and just never wrote anything out. The 10th passed and well, it’s now the 26th and I’m finally getting around to it. Obviously, I was struggling to write. Writing is the very hardest part of all of this. I don’t want…

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