Scenes from My Front Door

This month’s bestie blog circle theme is Scenes From My Front Door. I don’t have a beautiful home, or aView full post »

Project 10 | April

So, I’m a little late this month. I didn’t quite hit the goal of the 10th, but I had all my images taken inView full post »

Project 10 | March

I had one of my favorite people, Joe, visiting during the last month and it gave me a great excuse to get out andView full post »

Scenes From Kauai

This month’s blog circle, which is made up with some of my earliest and most precious photography friends, is onView full post »

Barb and Baby K | Kauai Family Home Session

Barb and sweet baby K were at Yan Fam Way Alumni in Maui. Barb is an amazing photographer and I loved getting to knowView full post »

Project 10 | February

I am so excited for February’s Project 10. Project 10 is a group of women photographers who have set out toView full post »

Yan Fam Alumni | Maui | A Family

M was one of the workshop attendees at the Yan Fam Way Alumni group and she’s amazing. She’s a fantasticView full post »

Scenes from the Morning

This month’s blog circle theme is Scenes from the Morning. I decided I wanted to make my images on Lucy’sView full post »

Yan Fam Alumni | Maui | Yan and Whitney

I know I talked about the workshop I attended in November taught by the amazing Yan Palmer. I knew that as soon as thatView full post »