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Luxe Las Vegas Workshop

I had the awesome opportunity to attend Luxe in Las Vegas, which was a workshop for learning how to better shoot senior girls, and something I have been feeling drawn to lately. It was such a great workshop and learned so very much. The models were gorgeous and I have so many beautiful images to share from that experience. Many more to come!

Senior girl compilation on Kauai
Senior girl surrounded by greenery on Kauai by Erin Gregerson Photography

Nadeen - This are seriously so amazing! And, I’m kicking myself now for not going. I was THIS close! As always, beautiful work!


Baby Curls

I am in love with this little ringlet around L’s face. Her older sister’s curls went away, and I’ve been trying to get an image of this curl in a way that perfectly captures the way I feel about it. These are a couple of my attempts. I think I’ll have to keep trying, but I love these, and the little freckles I managed to capture on those sweet cheeks. They grow up too fast. Slow down, my love.

Pretty eyes
Kauai Ringlets

Nadeen - Not only do I love that you captured the curl and the freckles, I love that chin!


Chic Retreat-Couple Session

I went to the Chic Retreat in April of 2014 and I just never got around to editing most of the photos I took there. Well, I finally got around to them and I am so glad I did! There were so many shots that I had forgotten about but that I loved. I don’t shoot stylized images much, and I definitely don’t shoot in a big city, like Seattle, so it was a really fun experience.

couple on Seattle street in rain
couple on seattle sidewalk leaning against wall
dressed up couple on seattle street under awning
dressed up couple walking in rain on seattle sidewalk