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If you have ever wondered what it is like to order a photo album from your Kauai session, I’m here to show you what to expect. I think photo albums are one of the best investments you can make from your photo session. I do admit that I have a love hate relationship with them. I kind of hate creating them, while I am in the process of it, but I absolutely love them once I get them and see how beautiful they are. Since so many of my clients don’t live on Kauai, I want to start featuring images of the different products that I offer, so you can hopefully see and get the idea of what you will be receiving. And albums are definitely worth the time and effort.

You have tons of different options of covers, (linen, leather, even wood) the amount of pages, thickness of the pages (thin is ⅓2″ and thick pages are 1/16″). They truly are created to your specific wants and needs, to make it something you and your family will cherish for generations. I snapped a few images of the most recent album I created. This is an aqua linen, with thin pages, which are ⅓2 ” thick. The front and back inside sheets are black, as you can see. This was 15 spreads, or 30 pages. The standard amount that comes with my Collection One is 10 spreads, but since this was a wedding and had 100 photos, we went with 15 instead. Albums are so beautiful and their worth only increases with time. Let me know if you have any other questions about albums, or other products that I offer that you want me to feature here. You can see more of the products that I offer here:

Aqua linen photo album for Erin Gregerson Photography Photo album-aqua-linen-sample-images Linen aqua photo album sample images


I don’t shoot weddings, or at least big weddings. They stress me out and I feel like there is too much pressure. I have done several small weddings on the beach, but it’s just me trying to capture the emotion of the ceremony and then a few portraits after. When I found out that our CrossFit gym owners were getting married and didn’t have a photographer, I volunteered to take a few images for them as a gift. Since it was at noon, on the beach, I knew film would give me the best results, because it just has such a larger range than digital, and it handles bright light better without losing all the detail. I admit that I was stressing big time afterwards, not sure what I got. There is something to be said about digital in that aspect. But the waiting was worth it and I am thrilled with how the images came out. This actually made me finally decide that from now on, I will shoot one roll of film at the beginning of every client session. I just love it so much. No more rambling, enjoy the pretty pictures. We don’t have much of a blog circle on film this month, but you should totally check out Lauren Nygard’s beautiful work in Joshua Tree here Kauai Wedding cake cutting by Erin Gregerson Photography



I go through phases with the types of sessions that I do, but after a string of exclusively families, I had two couple’s sessions come up, which was so fun. I love shooting both families and couples. They’re different in their own ways and it’s nice to have the variety. I always get images of the couples in a family session, but you can get deeper with just the two of them and capture some truly amazing moments and emotions for them.

These two were celebrating their 5th anniversary, after having honeymooned here on Kauai. They were so fun and up for the adventure of the session we set up. I had them each fill out an extensive questionnaire, about their partner and their relationship. They picked three things to do, which were 1, choose a song that reminds you of your partner, 2, write your partner a letter and have them read it, and 3, give each other a small gift. It helps create special moments to truly capture their love and relationship and makes these images so real. Reading their questionnaires made me tear up; I’m such a softy. I hope that this session and these moments help them feel closer to each other and appreciate their relationship. Kauai anniversary photos


A Kauai surprise proposal; I adore them! I cannot even explain how awesome it was shooting this session for these two. I love capturing real moments, and this was definitely a big moment for both of them. The joy, the love, the excitement, the laughter, the tears; it is all so magical. I think it’s such a wonderful idea to come and do a proposal while vacationing here on Kauai. I’ve done a few of these now and would love to do more.

M and C are the nicest people ever and it’s such an honor being able to be involved in this amazing life moment of theirs. We shot this just off The Beach House property in Poipu. I’m not allowed to shoot on the property because they have an exclusive contract with another photographer, but we made it work and still got so many beautiful images. I am overloading this post with their photos, but I honestly cannot help it. I love all of these images! How beautiful are these two? I wish them the utmost joy and happiness in their life together. Kauai surprise proposal photo session kauai surprise proposal photos Kauai surprise proposal photos


I am so in love with film, and I love Disneyland, so I knew I needed to combine the two the next trip we had coming up. I could not be happier to have used my film camera there and love the images I got. All images shot on my Canon EOS3 using Fuji 400H, rated at 200, and developed by the FIND lab.

It’s blog circle time so be sure to follow this link to see the amazing Jen Golay’s film images for the month and follow through the circle back to me. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I am so lucky to be surrounded and inspired by all of these amazing ladies! AAgregerso000217-R2-018-7A-2_Web AAgregerso000217-R2-026-11A-2_Web AAgregerso000217-R2-030-13A-2_Web AAgregerso000217-R2-038-17A-2_Web AAgregerso000217-R2-048-22A-2_Web AAgregerso000217-R2-050-23A-2_Web AAgregerso000217-R2-073-35-2_Web

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