I am: a mama to 4, wife to Spencer, a hairdresser and a CrossFit coach in addition to being a photographer. What can I say? I love to be challenged, learn new things and share what I’m passionate about.

To be honest, I’m a hot mess sometimes, forgetting to change the laundry from the washer to the dryer, juggling motherhood and business, and trying to make sure I don’t get lost in the process of helping to raise amazing humans. Capturing the small, beautiful, messy details that make up the monotony of our daily lives makes me feel alive. Helping you see and recognize that beauty in your own family is what I do—more than pretended perfection in fancy clothes.

If you’re visiting, more than “We went to Hawaii”, I want to tell the story of what you did in Hawaii with the ones you love most and how you felt here. These sessions aren’t for people who want just photos of everyone smiling perfectly, looking at the camera. Even though we’ll take some of those, the main focus of the session is the story of the love you share, which I feel is best told with more interactive photos.

If you live here, lets tell the story of where your family is now; the joy of parenting and the chaos that it brings, in your own home or around it. It doesn’t need to be scrubbed from baseboard to ceiling or be a new, gorgeous place. All we need is one semi-clean area, a window with great light, and your family, willing to have fun.

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